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First, I will have to wake up at 6 AM for my oral exam. It consists in recording my answers to some questions about an audio document, this is very stressful and humiliating, especially when you know I don’t speak very easily in my own language, so speaking in English while trying not to make any mistakes is going to be a challenge. I have a stomachache just thinking about it…

But, at least, I will have my reward when the day is over.

Can you guess what?


I am really excited to see this movie! Well, to be honest, I care more about Loki than the Marvel universe, but hey, even a creepy fangirl like me has the right to have some moments of guilty pleasure.

I will see it in VO at first, but I really want to hear the french dubbing as well. I don’t know, I’m just curious to see a beautiful villain speaking in my mother tongue.

"Vous êtes faits pour obéir…"

Not bad ;)